We love to assist candidates in the hiring process

‘Virtue training and placement services’ has earned enough experience in providing fresher jobs. Our list of Jaipur jobs and jobs Pan India is always growing. We attract the best of talent and clients in the market through our state of art recruitment capacity.

Fresher jobs

Like every other thing hiring too is a dynamic and ever changing process. With the able guidance of our mentor and a smart working team we have kept ourselves abreast with the world.

  • We have the latest interview techniques that we pass on to our candidates.
  • We help you with the study material as per the job you have applied for.
  • We provide you ample time to make yourself interview ready.
  • Our specialized team mates train you for all your rounds of interview
  • You are in a protected shield till you complete the entire hiring process.

  Fresher jobs and fresher

At virtue training and placement services special attention is given towards the fresher of our society.

If you are a fresh graduate just finished your college (under graduate or post graduate) and looking forward to enter the industry we are ready to help you out.

  • Talking statistically according to a survey every year about 9 million graduates and 26.5 million students get enrolled in higher education.
  • Another survey talks about 1.5 million engineers passing our every year.

The sad part is multi-nationals and other Indian business houses have found that an average Indian student is less employable. This is a result of the lack of skill set and the kind of courses run.

  • But you should not be the one worried about all this. At virtue placements we believe in ‘Assisted Hiring’.

  What is assisted hiring?

Facts on the ground are that the fresher aren’t aware of the industry standards and they need to be ‘assisted’ or made job ready.

Whether it is Jaipur jobs or any other city of the country the hiring standards differ to a scale.

  • We believe every candidate is a good resource and that will little ‘assistance’ candidates can face every challenge thrown on them
  • Our assistance to the candidates is also beneficial to the clients equally. What they get is a trainable or trained resource and ultimately their cost of hiring is lowered.
  • While hiring for fresher jobs we have to be conscious of the fact that they are literally ‘fresher’.

Note- our assisted hiring program is absolutely free of cost. And we love to do so.

  For clients

It is not without our esteemed client’s support that we can do ‘assisted hiring’. Our clients are fortune 500 and they rely on us for their human resource solutions.

Human resource is the life line of any business and we take it as a privilege to hire for them.

  • It would not be wrong to mention that our assisted hiring programs for Jaipur jobs or fresher jobs are “for clients”.
  • Hiring fresher from the candidate pool is both an easy and a tough task.
  • Through our experience we have developed such modules for hiring.

So employer or employee if you are reading this we are sure we understand the effectivity of our services. We are just a contact away.