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Virtue training and placement services hereby welcome’s your job application for the various job openings we have. You can find jobs that suits your skill sets with us. Get jobs online at the Virtue portal. Simply drop your contact details here or contact us.

Dear candidate before you apply with us we would like to gain your confidence. Because that is how we can assist you in the best of capacity. Our placement services are absolutely free.

  • We abide by our name quite literally. Virtue literally means to be morally good. Our principles revolve around our name.

  How do you apply?

With so many lucrative job openings throughout the country we try to satiate your quest. We understand that as a professional you look forward to ocean full of good opportunities. Now you can find jobs with peace of mind.

  • The very first step to all alliance is making a contact
  • You are our values asset and you can simply drop your resume to us
  • You can also contact us through the most suitable media
  • Our team is always proactive in contacting you back for your job application
  • We keep it crystal clear and exchange of information is highly professional
  • We assure you of the security of your personal information
  • You can apply for some of our jobs online

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We love to hear from you !!

Our moto is similar as yours. We want to land at good job openings for you. For this we have made our process a real simple one. It is absolutely hassle free.

  • You enjoy the privilege of being associated with Virtue training and placement services
  • We have always been the premium vendors for our clients
  • Our clients are mostly multi nationals and Indian business houses.
  • Some really strong start-ups and innovative businesses are also our clients. We love to find jobs for youth like you.

  The interview process

You are interviewed first by our team of expert recruiters.

  • They take into account your needs
  • They gauge you as per client’s needs
  • They pass on all necessary information to you
  • They manage and line u up for the interview sessions
  • Sometimes training is also scheduled for you (Free of cost)

When you enter Virtue premises you are handled with care. We believe in making a trainable resource even better. Hence we guide you for each step of the recruitment process. You can view the jobs online and accordingly opt for one. Finally you face the company HRs and give your best shot.

  We create a comfort zone

Generally interviews are quite stressed full. No matter how prepared you are the anxiety cannot be over come easily.

  • We have an extremely comfortable office environment
  • We assist you at every step
  • We take it as our responsibility to make you fit for the job
  • We try to provide you an environment to boost your morale
  • Good things take time and hence we try to make the best of your wait time
  • You are given ample of time to prepare yourself in the relevant subjects

Contact us through our email id or simply make a call. We are happy to give you a call back after you contact us.

We want to land at good job openings for you. Feel free to drop your resume here. Apply Here