Virtue RPO service

Recruitment process outsourcing is all about sharing your load (partial/full) for HR outsourcing. Our outsourcing services would revolve around the client’s needs. We see Recruitment Process Outsourcing as a specialty that we can offer to our clients. We can act as your RPO and work for your internal recruitment process.

‘Virtue training and placement services’  has mastery in all outsourcing services.

  The biggest competition is for talent hunt

In a competitive market today the winner is the one who is able to grab the best of talents. We can always be your talent partners. Increase your market share with the best of team members. HR outsourcing has one motto of hiring the most effective work force in the optimal resources.

  • Virtue placements is the pioneer in talent management
  • We have the most unique hiring process
  • Simplified hiring in bulk which is quality driven

  Why we can do it?

As leading consultants in the recruitment industry we have well acquired the skills and resources that are needed. An RPO is a special service that makes the client relies on the RPO providing firm.

  • We have the confidence of delivering it
  • We have the appropriate manpower to be deployed
  • We know we can do it
  • We have the know-how of the entire process

As responsible consultants we first try to get the best R&D. Through this we try to know the market needs and deliver accordingly. The approach towards launching an RPO will highly depend on the client’s industry.

  Services covered under RPO

The management of your HR outsourcing is the prime focus here. We understand that you have relied on our outsourcing services. At virtue training & placement services we take care of our clients.


Professionalism at the best is offered by our services. The services covered under the ‘recruitment process outsourcing’ highly depends on the outsourced capacity. Whether it is

  • Fully outsourced
  • Partially outsourced
  • Project outsourced

The services that can be generally associated with the RPO are listed below

  • The entire recruitment service
  • Employee engagement services
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Portion of MIS
  • Recruitment advertisement
  • Placement related services
  • The on job and other training schedules
  • Performance appraisals
  • Onboarding formalities
  • Documentation services
  • Assessments
  • Back ground checking
  • Referral channel management

The list is believed to be flexible and continuing in nature. At virtue placements we love to test our capacity. That keeps us motivating.

  How are the clients benefitted?

The basic concept of outsourcing has the answers to this question. There is a reason why you choose to outsource it. And when you hand it over to virtue training and placement services you are delivered more than promised.

  • You save your precious time which you could otherwise utilize in various other lines of business
  • You manage your costs incurred
  • The quality of talent that enters your organization is now improved
  • Integrity and transparency attached to the service
  • The flexibility of the services as per clients’ requirement makes it beneficial for you
  • The offer to joining ration and the time involved improves manifolds

The vision that virtue training and placement services has is colossal. There are many more services we are coming up with. HAPPY HIRING !!