Our jobs in India will satiate your Job search

Temporary staffing is not a new concept it dates back to 1940’s when organizations started hiring people on contract basis. This kind of job hiring was done to complete certain projects on time. Job search and jobs in India benefitted big time through temporary staffing.

  Why is it needed?

The companies might face short-term need of qualified employees. Seasonal requirements and slow down periods both are fulfilled aptly by the temporary staffing schemes. This reduces employee related cost of the company and allows maintaining proper staff levels inside the organization.

  • Temporary staff is cost effective
  • Flexibility of the organization increases manifolds.
  • Strengthens your permanent work force.
  • It is a win-win situation.
  • Sharing of load of the permanent employees.

There are jobs in India as temporary employee. We have been hiring for fortune 500 companies and they need temporary staff time and again.Jobs in India

At ‘virtue training and placement services’ we

  • Understand your temporary requirement well
  • Reduce your administration burden
  • We deploy dedicated recruiters for your immediate needs
  • We deliver you the skilled staff/employee on time
  • We understand the urgency of temporary staff and hence full fill your requirement well before time.
  • If you are a candidate and reading this with your job search please contact us for the latest openings as per your skills. (temporary/permanent)

  Our services for job hiring

  • We at virtue placements help candidates find the right job and also help the clients get the best of talent from the market.
  • As temporary staffs we provide you skilled and semiskilled staff that contributes to your needs.
  • To our candidates we take their job search seriously and understand our moral duties as a consultant.
  • We deploy our team of recruiters full time for meeting your temporary needs.
  • It gives us immense pleasure to announce that, some of our temporary staff candidates have acquired full time permanent positions. This is a result of extensive market search for good talent.

Temporary work is a situation which is more like contractual work. When the time period gets over and both the parties are free from any contract.

  It’s a win-win situation

Contractual staff or temporary staff is a job hiring that fills lot of energy in the entire process. Hiring a temporary staff means meeting immediate needs of the line of business.

This need may arise out of various circumstances. A seasonal demand, project related demand, client related demand.

For the client- the client gets skilled or semi-skilled temporary staff as per its needs and enhances the business further.

For the candidates- the candidate gets the opportunity of utilizing skills and at the same time enhancing the skills.

For Virtue- For us such kind of hiring brings lot of energy in the entire process and our each line of business gets motivated.

  What you need to do?

If you are looking for a job, or if you are looking forward to hire for your business, we are always at your service.

We are the market players in recruitment and we know we do it the best. You are just a step away from making a contact.