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Virtue placements is the best placement consultants. The placements that we have made so far make us the best. We are the best at job sites, online jobs and job openings for freshers .Placement is our job. Bulk placements are our forte. Job openings for freshers are best fulfilled through us.The idea is that every fresher in the market should land with a job without the hassles of applying for online jobs and job sites. We love to do it all for you.

  • Virtue training & placements can be your favorite destination for all kinds of placement services.

  Our clients

Our clients are well known multi-national companies, Indian business houses are also our hiring partners. Some of the most promising start ups love to hire from our premises.

Business process outsourcing companies who have made India a job hub are our number one business partners.

  • Our client’s relation with us as placement consultants is very strong.
  • The chronology shows that we have happy and content clients.
  • This kind of relationship always benefits the candidates directly.
  • You are seen as a good resource when you are sourced by us.

Give us the opportunity to assist you in your placement.

As mentioned our focus is always on the job openings for freshers and hence we have the clients who believe in hiring freshers in bulk without fail.

  What is Placement?

Placement is an act of placing something. Here placement refers to placing the suitable candidate for the most suitable jobs. Placement is a very scientific process. It takes the technicality of the job profile and the intricacies of the candidate to match with each other.

Job openings for freshers

This is one kind of match making!!

Online jobs on job sites are searched by millions of candidates, but not every CV will get the chance of being shortlisted. Here our service as placement consultants is very important. We try the best to give you the chance that you deserve.

Else we guide you well for your career direction.

  How we assist you in placement?

Our entire process of placement is transparent and simple. We have done our best to not make it time taking. It just takes the time that the organization needs to complete all the formalities.

We try to expedite our hiring process and reduce the numbers of filter.

  • You apply for online jobs.
  • You surf through the various job sites.
  • Virtue placement approaches you for placements.
  • A responsible friend refers you at Virtue placements.
  • You contact us.

These are the above mentioned ways how we get in touch first of all. The first and crucial step is taken. Now starts the whole process of screening in and various interviews.

  • You speak to our recruitment team.
  • The team takes the screening round.
  • The team gauges you as per client’s needs.
  • We offer you at least 2-3 opportunities at a time.
  • As per your preferences we finally shortlist you.
  • You are supposed to come down for the interviews to our offices. (Telephonic in certain cases)
  • You are guided for each and every step of the recruitment process.
  • You get an offer and you join.
  • You are finally placed, through our placement services.

Allow virtue training & placement services to be your guiding star.