Why Individuality matters

Team work, team goals, Team spirit, Team achievements all these are the buzz words of the corporates. They induce a temperament of togetherness and help achieve organisational goals. Most of the HR activities are focused and revolve around being a team mate. Not just a team mate but an active and contributing team mate.

During all these we highly miss the traits of an individual and his personal role. Without a strong individual character one can never turn out to be a team player. This article is not anti- team spirit but more pro towards your individuality.

  • You are as unique as a finger print. The entire life span is your opportunity to nurture this individuality.
  • What matters to the team goals and team targets is your individuality. This makes you capable of contributing to the teams.
  • You do not have to be exactly like someone else. You were born to be YOU. Cherish the individuality and shine.
  • Look at the mirror daily and appreciate your individuality.

Why Individuality matters

Love your individuality

Here do not tend to be self-obsessed. But at the same time know that you are special. For your organisation you are important. You are an asset.

While performing your daily duties and responsibilities, you must commit to yourself too. Commit yourself to learn and execute one new trait every day. Be the magnet that keeps sticking qualities and traits to it.M/p>

You will automatically turn out to be a team player

One your individuality is at place; no one can stop your team from being the best. In this universe somethings are natural. You just can’t stop from being that glorious employee.

  • Be an asset to your organisation. What you contribute to the organisation is far less then what you are gaining for your individuality.
  • Each day at work place is worth applause for someone like YOU.

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