Resume and CV builder

Virtue training and placement services has a holistic approach of working. We are your curriculum vitae maker better known as CV builder. A resume is an important tool when it comes to recruitments.

  What is a Resume?

A resume is that piece of information that lands you to an interview. However as said we have a unique way of looking at all the aspects of hiring. We see resume as

  • A paper that speaks on behalf of you.

Now that’s a strong statement. Imagine a reference you mentioned in your resume is contacted to inquire about you. Your given reference should be speaking apt and positive for you.

  • Such is the power of a resume. It has to be appropriate and speak in the most optimistic way.

Curriculum vitae maker
  How we can help?

We have a team of recruiters and experts in the industry who understand how a resume or curriculum vitae should look like?

  • We help you get the best CV builder.
  • Our curriculum vitae maker will get in touch with you.
  • You exchange important information and milestones with our resume writer.
  • What you get is a well written CV with the best formats.
  • What you pay in return is a minimal charge that we attach to this service.

  Various stages of your career

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate? We serve all. Our resume writing services are tailored for all level of management.

  • Junior or entry level management.
  • Middle level management.
  • Senior level management.

With every passing year of your career your CV matures. There is always more to add. For each career level our CV writing techniques change.

We are sure you don’t just want a job search but a premium job search.

  Why you need us?

Why you need a Curriculum vitae maker? Answers can be surprising and simple at the same time.

  • It’s the expert’s job.
  • You need a professional to do it for you.
  • You would love to be told about yourself.
  • You don’t’ want to take any chance.
  • You definitely want to promote yourself.
  • You want your CV to be found in millions.
  • You want your curriculum vitae to filter in, not filter out.

Our day to day life activities are so occupying that we do not have the time to do it all. While making your next career move you want a professional service.

  The service

Unlike our placements services the ‘resume writing’ service comes with a cost attached to it.

The sole purpose of attaching the service cost is to get you the best of what we can deliver. We have a highly professional team of CV builder. They are experienced and know their job the best.

Note- Please inquire the details with us about the service, before applying for a Curriculum vitae.

This is an investment in all sense. The returns are

  • Various interview opportunities
  • Self-promotional tool
  • Better chances to grab
  • Always heading ahead
  • The confidence you derive out of your CV
  • A higher morale.
  • Self-esteem at the exact right level.