Jobs for freshers at virtue

Jobs for freshers are best fulfilled through campus hiring. Jobs in India and the job seekers in India have an unbalanced ratio. At virtue training and placement services it is in our best of interest to manage this ratio.

  • Recruitment process or hiring is an art. Yes it is an art because the kind of energy it takes and the insight you must have to get a job or to fulfill an opening definitely needs mastery.

And “we are the best” at doing it.

  Placement needs

It is always said about the job seekers that a campus placement can be life changing. However despite the facts related to it campus placements are definitely a kick start to the career. Not just placements but internships are also important in a student’s life.

“At Virtue we have a unique way of viewing at a job opportunity” (jobs in India)

  • Yes it is not just the job seekers who need the job but it is also the job providers who needs’ talent like YOU!
  • So be ready, pull up your socks and gear up for an interview with Virtue placements

Jobs for Freshers

  We do campus hunt for the clients

At virtue placements while catering to jobs for freshers we head towards Campuses for hiring. We do the hiring drives in collaboration with the clients. We have a strong belief that Indian campuses are the pool of untapped talent.

  • It’s a matter of proud for us to respond to hiring at Campus for our clients
  • Every single campus placement fills us with vigor and robustness
  • The energy boosted in business results in many more placements

  So how do we do it?

Hiring at College campuses or other educational institutes is a professionally planned activity. It takes all our teams to work together in collaboration with the various lines of business.

As said it is a highly planned activity.

  • Clients’ hiring team
  • College’s TPO and other responsible members
  • Virtue’s hiring team

The trio collaborates strongly in order to make a campus placement a successful event.

  What colleges need to do?

Since it is a specific campus hiring drive. We need college/institute’s authorities to support us. It is all about a team’s efforts. And it is a win-win situation for all the involved stake holders.

Here is brief description about what steps you should be following to get Virtue Placements’ at your own campus.

  • Contact Virtue training and placement services through any of the suitable modes
  • Our team will get back to you with the best next step
  • Complete the simple procedure of agreeing to the hiring process
  • Share details of the students who are eligible and interested
  • Finally deciding on the date of drive

  What we need from you?

Basic amenities to hire and a SPOC at your campus is what we need form you.

Jobs in India have their own way of hiring. This is referred to as recruitment process. It starts with resume writing and ends with the joining of candidates. However technically it is a never ending process because inside the organization the process of training and development keeps going.